Attest, a tool specifically built for businesses leveraging Oracle, is a game-changer for businesses with an Oracle install base, or those that leverage Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Challenges in Oracle Fusion Cloud Change Management

Managing an Oracle Cloud update, patch, or integration comes with its unique set of challenges:

The complex REST/SOAP-led connectivity in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications can pose integration challenges.


Oracle Cloud Fusion integrates with numerous applications, each bringing its complexities.

Customization and Upgrades:
Customization and Upgrades:

Upgrades can disrupt customizations, requiring time-consuming reapplications.

Downtime Management

System downtime during upgrades can disrupt business operations and needs effective management.

Oracle Cloud Upgrade Management Made Easy
“Oracle Cloud Upgrade Management Made Easy:
A Quick Guide for Seamless Performance Enhancement”
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Ensuring Seamless
“Ensuring Seamless
Supply Chain Operations
Post-Software Patch”
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Oracle Cloud Create
“Oracle Cloud Create
Order to Cash Process”
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Take a 9 Week Optimization Journey with Attest

Using Attest, Oracle enterprise users can optimize their Oracle Fusion Cloud by orchestrating the end-to-end business process assurance for all upgrades without disrupting existing business processes, integrations, and customizations.
Week 1
  • Sign-up for Attest in Salesforce AppExchange
  • Share the current test plans and process documents
Week 2
  • Map the current E2E business processes using the business process mapping tool in Attest
  • Identify the various data conditions to be tested
Week 3
  • Compare the current business processes to the available seeded business processes in Attest and identify the differences in the operations as well as the flows.
  • Document the differences and start the incremental build
Week 4-6
  • Perform incremental build of process flows as well as test assets
Week 7-8
  • Conduct UAT on the E2E processes along with various data conditions
Week 9
  • Operationalize the business process validation as a part of the ongoing system changes due to business needs, as well as for testing the periodic patches from the software vendor

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