Most modern enterprises use a mix of on-premise, cloud-based, and SaaS applications for a variety of their business processes. Most of these applications are customized to a large extent, based on the unique business needs and processes adopted internally.


Ensure zero downtime through a holistic approach to business process assurance. Unite testing and BPA monitoring teams with a single, unified tool that provides granular mapping of legacy and changing business processes.

Business process mapping module
  • Assimilate all logs, data, and SME knowledge to build process models
  • Detailed insight into the real-time process flow
  • Transparency in all business processes
  • Understand process interoperations, decision legacy, and change history
  • Bring development and architecture teams to the same page
Impact analysis module
  • Design change and upgrade plans with existing business processes
  • Understand impact of change and upgrade on processes, extended software, and people roles
  • Create what-if scenarios before change and upgrade of your software
  • Test impact and confirm roll-out mitigation
  • Engage the right stakeholders prior to making a change
Test plan and scheduler module
  • Execute test plans in an optimized sequence
  • Schedule testing steps or tasks, the target start and end dates, and responsibilities
  • Clearly assign how the test will be reviewed, tracked, and approved
Defect management module
  • Track the defects and build a real-time catalog
  • Stream to JIRA or other defect management workflows
  • Examine code error and resolve in real-time
Orchestration module
  • Maximize the impact of continuous testing
  • Optimize the testing pipeline
  • Promote transparency and collaboration between teams
  • Orchestrate the testing across multiple applications effortlessly
  • Seamlessly switch from one set of testing environments to another with no code change
Test scripting and automation module
  • Flexibly build test scripts using technology appropriate for the application
  • Powerful platform capabilities make the test scripting simple to author and maintain
  • Build test automation to test not only code but also for change impact
  • Deliver real-time visibility into the test process and errors
Reporting module and dashboards
  • Test reports are automatically generated
  • Customizable to business needs
  • Retains legacy of change and upgrades for future review
  • Real-time dashboards for collaboration between teams
  • View test results by projects as well as across multiple test cycles

With Attest business process validation, enterprise application leaders can easily manage their upgrades, ensure processes remain intact, and stay compliant on regulatory mandates.


Discover the business processes existing within the enterprise and map them to the application footprint


Conduct an impact analysis and understand which applications are affected during an upgrade and what functions would need to change


Orchestrate end-to-end testing in real-time and simulate to-be scenarios


Mitigate compliance risks from software or process changes

Why is ATTEST different?

ATTEST is the first SaaS-based business process assurance framework which can ensure the integrity of end-to-end business processes within an enterprise.

Business process assurance goes beyond testing, which just looks at the components being changed at a micro-level. ATTEST business process assurance looks at a macro-level, always aware of the upstream and downstream components around the components being changed. We not only ensure that the functionality of the component is working as desired but also make sure the business processes the component is part of are also intact.

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ATTEST provides a complete process map of all the business processes, and with its Impact Analysis module can easily identify the impacted business flows due to a change in any one of the business processes or sub-processes. It further helps to automate the end-to-end testing of the impacted business processes.


It provides 360 degree views of the impact of a change in terms of business flows, impacted applications and the associated data to be tested


It gives the exact footprint of your applications within your enterprise.


Securely manage the user credentials used for testing


Users can easily manage the data to be tested on a flow by flow basis.

application-flows (1)

Attest provides a comprehensive view of your application flows


Who do we help?

We help Line of Business managers (VP/Director - Manufacturing, Finance, Supply Chain, and more) manage the changes to their application footprint by comprehensively testing them. Inadequately tested software can completely disrupt operations and the line of business managers are held accountable.

ATTEST helps LOB managers prevent costly system outages due to inadequately validated software changes — avoiding disruptions and improving customer satisfaction.

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